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Find personal utility articles from the collection by designer Jonas Hakaniemi.

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Leksan Lastu

Leo Lahdelma made his first wooden works at the age of 10 at home using a lathe made by his father. This gave him a sparkle for a life’s work that he can hardly stop even during his leisure time in the summer cottage. It is indeed in the summer by the lake when many new ideas are born.

The unique Finnish nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration to Leo: “When I am a part of the nature, ideas are born as if on their own. When starting to work, I do not always know what the completed product will be. Wood is like a fantastic journey of discovery, you can find incredible patterns within it.”

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Genuine Handicraft


Each product is a unique piece of Finnish handicraft.



The products are mainly made of domestic wood.

Working methods


Each Leksan Lastu product is made by eccentric turning that has become our trademark.