From forest to the world

Only the best tree types are selected in our products. Top quality wood from Finland
and abroad. Below you can find further information on wood types we use explained by Leksa.

Curly birch

All our products made of curly birch are unique. Although some models are produced in series, each one is individual thanks to its unique grain pattern. Another similar one cannot be found in the whole world.

Curly birch is a preferred material to me because of its softness and resilience. It turns into a nice chip giving good end results. Turning curly birch is exciting because you never know what kind of patterns you will find inside the wood.

Curly birch is a genetic variety of the silver birch and the only wood type for which we pay per kilogramme.

Flame birch

Flames appearing at the base of a birch tree are relatively rare. This is why I consider flame birch a valuable material.

Light staining and lacquer finish emphasise the flame pattern in a magnificent way. Turning flame birch is challenging because the wood patterns extend in different directions in the tree. Birch is a preferred material to me also because I always gather birch sap in the spring.

Black alder

The wood material of black alder is soft and easy to work with. The surface finish of black alder excellently shows its resplendent reddish hue. Black alder is valued because of its beauty.

In Finland, black alder can be found as far north as Kemi.


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